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How to Implement Influencer Marketing in SEO Strategy?

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Gaining links from authority websites is still seen as a winning strategy for SEO services. With Google banning the process of link manipulations, it has become very important that SEO services providers engage in influencer marketing tactics. So, what is it that makes influencer marketing such a winning formula in modern day SEO practices? Let us see.

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Influencer Marketing vs Google Ads

Modern day surfers have got used to the sponsored links and ads, and often bypass these without giving a look into it. But when your products, services and business is being talked about by an authority in the field, people tend to take a detailed look at your website. They tend to engage with your brand, bringing more traffic and revenues. The costs associated with influencer marketing are much less when compared to Google ads, This again makes any SEO agency quickly implement it in the marketing mix.

Building the Reputation

The work of top influencers is to review your website and write engaging content about it. When a word of praise comes from the mouth of a person whom thousands of followers trust, it creates ripples in the industry. Mostly posts at influencer websites contain fresh thoughts. Some influencers would be glad to implement certain pertinent keywords in their content (in the lines of SEO content writing), to further boost your search engine rankings. With such mentions at top rated influencer websites, you will, in no time gain visibility within the target market base.

Campaigning through Influencers

Influencer marketing is all about engaging with the potential customers out there. So, while you are strategizing for the influencer marketing always take into account the social media scopes. Many SEO service providers run campaigns, leveraging the benefit of thousands of followers the influencer has on leading social media channels. When planned well, such “hashtag” campaigns can reach out your business quicker than you could ever dream of.

But the trick lies in finding authoritative influencer

The success or failure of such strategies often lies on the authority of the influencer you have decided to partner with. The influencer you choose should help you tap in on the target market, and for this, a detailed analysis of the influencer website and social media pages is required. The website should possess high domain authority and a high count of visitors per day (over a span of many months). Also, have a look at the post reach and engagements that each of the posts at influencer website draws. When these statistics suit you ideally, you can go ahead and partner with the influencer.

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