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The Top Call Center Technology Trends of the year 2017


There are many major trends floating in the field of call centre technology in recent times. A few has become already the part of the market before the start of 2017. Hearing from various sources like clients, experts in call centre trends and media, there are some trends that are going to stay in this year.

call center as a serviceCall recording:
Automatic call recording is very important technology for the purpose of monitoring business activities. This year it will go beyond this as the growing change in technology. Telephones will not be the only medium for communication, and these automatic recording machines will require to be up to date according to the market trends during this year.
Now the call centre services are not limited to phones and messaging for communication. The agents can use the chat service for this purpose. There is the option of both text message chat and video chat that will make the communication much better.
Big data will remain the part of this year technology trends for call centre solutions. At the same time, the focus on this year will be the right use of data. The reason is if you can not interpret the data for the betterment of your work and profit generation than it will be no more than clutter. So this year the trend is to focus on the interpretation and analysis of data in order to make big profits.
This year Regulatory compliance will also be the part of current trends in this sector like it has always been. It is because any online business activity is always prone to the problems of hacking and security breaches.
Call centre companies will also opt for cloud this year as many business groups are considering the cloud-based set up to maintain their clients and agents and compete with rivals and at the same time keeping the cost lower.
Data integration:
Many business firms want every customer’s record because it will provide them with a rapid and enhanced service. Hence this year data integration technology would be the trend in this sector because data integration is very helpful in analysing and using data to improve work performance and increase profits.
Performance management:
Another trend is gaining space in this field is the shift from quality management and workforce management to performance management. All three are important for the business, but right now companies are focusing more on performance management due to the importance being given to personal productivity.
Customer satisfaction:
This year customer satisfaction will be at the forefront of this sector. According to a report, call centre providers are following Amazon’s lead to check the performance of the workforce. Negative Response Rate (NRR) is a good indicator to assess the satisfaction of the customer, and it has now been used by the online service providers exclusively.
Social media:
Social media presence has already become a trend, and many users want to express their opinion or complain on social media rather than on the phone to any call center agent. So the use of this platform will be the trend this season in this sector in 2017.

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